Losing a loved one is a very difficult and emotional
time for you and your family. We know that at times
like this there are so many details to consider in such a
short period of time, and that stress and grief only
make these decisions more difficult.
The after funeral gathering is an important event. It is
a time for people to meet and greet each other, some of
whom they haven't seen for years. It serves as an
opportunity to provide refreshment to those who have
taken the time to come and show their support to your
family as well as giving occasion for a reunion of
family members.

Once the formality of the service is over, food and
drink tend to create a relaxing atmosphere where
people can be more comfortable to share their thoughts
and feelings

Allow us to help you put together this most important
gathering. We provide professional catering and
professional services at a difficult time. This is a time
for sharing fond remembrances and special memories
that celebrate the life of your loved one.

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